About Us

Nestled in the heart of Sofia, [K]oncept 7 is a stone’s throw away from some of the city’s most luxurious boutiques and historical landmarks.

The store’s large windows are captivating, allowing for an uninhabited view of distinctive architectural features and raw aesthetics. 

Those who wander in can admire tasteful interior design choices, undoubtedly drawn to the little window which offers a “secret” glimpse into the Patriarchate.

Marta Ignatova, the shop’s owner and creative director, has always strived [K]oncept 7’s spirit to be unanimous simply with a true passion for fashion. Marta’s selections are an expression of her own individuality, mixing and matching collections to create impact and character.
“What I love about fashion is that it gives room for individualism and for the extraordinary. I am not fond of trends and fashion’s growing inclination to lean towards uniformity. When I travel, I often roam and explore until I find something I can use as a form of personal expression; something that compliments my own unique style. This is why I decided to create a space where people can discover new concepts, where they can feel at home; a place where they can receive expert guidance and find their own individual and particular sense of style”.
Throughout the past few years, [K]oncept 7 has established itself as a hub for social events, where customers, artists, and creators can gather inspiration, share ideas, and find joy in collectively seeking to be different.