Terms & Conditions

Dear Users,

Please, familiarize in detail with the mentioned below Terms and Conditions for use of the electronic site of TVMI Ltd. - http://www.Koncept7.bg

For your information - Use of thе site http://www.Koncept7.bg in any form means that you accept and agree to the following terms and conditions.

If You do not agree to the following Terms and Conditions, do not use the company website http://www.Koncept7.bg.

Terms and Conditions for using website http://www.Koncept7.bg :

1. Company TVMI Ltd. is registered under the Commerce Law of Republic Bulgaria, with registered office Sofia 1407, 65A Cherni Vrah blvd., VAT Number - BG204614909.

2. With the present General Terms and Conditions we settle the relationships between TVMI Ltd. on one hand and all visitors/users to the site on the other hand, service users from the domain http://www.Koncept7.bg and all information and commercial services offered by the company.

3. For the sake of brevity in the text below, the website http://www.Koncept7.bg is called the Site.

4. Every visitor to the Site, who press a button, link or object on this web-site, except the link to present Terms of Use, agrees completely and without any objections to these Terms and Conditions.

5. Every visitor/user to the site, which has noted in the field “I do accept the Terms and Conditions”, has done electronic statement according to Law on Electronic Documents and Electronic Signature, which declares that he is aware of these Terms of Use and accepts them fully and without any objections.

6. To register as a User, the visitor agrees to provide accurate and complete information in the registration form. For the sake of brevity in the text below registered user is called User.

7. For the sake of brevity provided by the user upon registration information in the text below is called Privacy.

8. User understands and agrees that:

a. site content is “In the form in which it is”;

b. site content is provided by the manufacturers of the products and TVMI Ltd. is not responsible for incompleteness, discrepancies, misleading content and advertising within the meaning of the Law on Consumer Protection of Republic Bulgaria;

c. the user at himself or a third part may not be allowed to bring by any form claims for damages, lost profits and other damages, occurred as a result of using the Site.

9. The User must comply with the following conditions to purchase goods and services using the Website:

a. be at least 18 years old;

b. hаs a permanent address in Bulgaria;

c. user must complete the registration form with updated, accurate and complete information;

d. user must have had accepted these Terms and Conditions of Use;

e. user must provide accurate and complete address for Delivery, telephone number and email address.

10. TVMI Ltd. has the right to request additional information about the User or refuse the request of the consumer in its own opinion for which TVMI Ltd. does not owe an explanation or compensation to the User.

11. According to Bulgarian Privacy Act, User has access to the entered Privacy data in the registration form and the right to correct them.

12. By accepting these Terms and Conditions the User, who has filled the Registration Form, agrees that the personal data, he has provided can be processed by the company TVMI Ltd. in order to realize the delivery of ordered goods and services and/or send additional information for the products listed on the web site.

13. TVMI Ltd. guarantees, that the personal data will not be provided to third parties for advertising, promotions and other purposes, except in those cases where it is necessary, according to Bulgarian legislation or to comply with these Terms.

14. TVMI Ltd. may require consent of the User for sending messages about new products, services and promotions.

15. TVMI Ltd. offers the User the right to use all services, provided by the Web-Site:

only for personal use;

only with non-profit purpose;

under conditions that the copyrights of manufacturers and suppliers are not violated, directly or indirectly related to the materials of the Site;

under conditions that the materials on the Site are not modify, copy, use for commercial purpose and copied to other sites.

16. In all cases, when consumer buys goods including copyright and patent rights, TVMI Ltd. does not grant any additional rights to use and distribute, unless explicitly mentioned by the manufacturer of the product rights.

17. Provided on the Site links to other sites:

are entirely for the convenience of users and to them these Terms are not valid;

аrе not recommended by TVMI Ltd. to the Users;

TVMI Ltd. assumes no responsibility of the published information at the Site;

do not bind in any way to TVMI Ltd. with responsibility or consequences of the enjoyment of those sites by the User.

18. Customer orders goods or services, their amount, selects discount (if there is any available), selects the payment method and delivery only offered on the Site options.

19. The User is allowed to change his choice or to refuse the order partially or completely before receiving order confirmation from TVMI Ltd.

20. With the confirmation of the order, User enters into a contractual relationships with TVMI Ltd., corresponding to these Terms.

21. TVMI Ltd. reserves the right to change prices at its discretion, without obligation to notify the Users of the Site.

22. User agrees to pay the price, shown on the Website at the time of placing the order, nevertheless if it can be  different from the current one.

23. With an acknowledgment of the order to the User, TVMI Ltd. starts the implementation of the order, from which point on the delivery address and receiving person’s data cannot be changed.

24. TVMI Ltd. provides the following delivery terms:

a. if available on stock - 3 working days after confirmation and payment by the User;

b. in all other cases - after consent and indication on the confirmation delivery term and after payment by the User;

c. if there are delays by suppliers to TVMI Ltd., User receives information about it, confirm the new delivery term or refuse the order.

25. TVMI Ltd. is not responsible in the following cases:

a. for delays caused by courier or other circumstances beyond TVMI’s Ltd. control;

b. wrong delivery due to invalid address, receiver or telephone number.

26. At the moment of receipt of the goods, the user must:

a. check the delivery if there is any damages or if the integrity of the package is damaged;

b. if there is disability and incompleteness of the parcel, the User must sign protocol for damages with the courier and immediately to inform TVMI Ltd. In the absence of record, notification or damage Protocol, user can not complain.

27. Within 24 hours after the User receipt the order, user should:

a. visually check for compliance of the product with the declared one, according to its description on the Site;

b. inform TVMI Ltd., if there is any inaccuracy.

28. Based on notification for unconformity, TVMI Ltd. will replace the product with a new one (according to article 59 paragraph 3 form Law on Consumer Protection ) or will return to the User the paid amount by him only on the following conditions:

a. only in case that the product is in original packing intact and the overall appearance is not damaged;

b. if the product is in full equipment according to the attached documentation;

c. if the product is intact presentation and no signs of use;

d. in case the payment is done via credit or debit card the payment partial or in full will be credited to the original payment instrument/card, via which it was made. In that connection http://www.Koncept7.bg does not store and doesn’t have access to any credit or debit card data of the User;

29. In case the terms in preceding two paragraphs are unfulfilled, TVMI Ltd. will service the product under manufacturers warranty.

a. User will pay all additional costs - transport, insurance and other.

30. Within 7 days after delivery of the product, the User has the right to refuse the order and return it to TVMI Ltd. at the following conditions:

a. the product is in the original packaging intact, label intact and attached security tag - intact;

b. the product has not been used, security tag and labels are intact;

31. Methods of payment for ordered products and services under the proposed options and successive steps described on the Site. In case the User has the right to cancel the order and receive partial or full refund and the payment is done via credit or debit card, the payment partial or in full will be credited to the original payment instrument/card, via which it was originally made. In that connection http://www.Koncept7.bg does not store and doesn’t have access to any credit or debit card data of the User.

32. Warranty terms are according manufacturers warranty and are described in the warranty card, which comes with the product.

33. TVMI Ltd. provides service according to legislation in Republic Bulgaria and conditions posted on the Site.